Fairtrade Message

You may not believe it but a paltry 1% of the coffee consumed in the world today has been fairly traded. Quite frankly that’s appalling!

The majority of coffee is grown by independant small farmers, working their own land and marketing their produce through a local co-operative. For these producers receiving a fair price is more important than any other aspect of a fair-trade. Unfortunately the majority of them do not get a fair-trade. What they do get however is the prospect of working long hours (sometimes 14 hrs a day) in incredibly hot temperatures for a miserable return. A tough life if you are an adult. Imagine what its like if you are 10 years of age and that’s your daily existence. The prospect of an education is nothing but a dream.

At Arabica Coffee Company we have been serving coffee and hot chocolate that has been fairly traded since we first opened our doors in 2003 and this is a policy that will be with us forever. Today every single cup of hot chocolate and coffee that we serve has been fairly traded.
I really don’t see it as any great achievement and believe that every cup of coffee served in every café, restaurant, pub, hotel or workplace should have been fairly traded.

An unrealistic pipe dream I hear you say!

It's only so if you make it so. As a consumer you possess the power to bring about change so the next time you stay in a hotel, go for a meal in a restaurant, have lunch in your local coffee shop or have a break in the canteen at work enquire of the owner or manager if the coffee has been fairly traded. If it has been, great! If not tell him he should do something about or you will take your business elsewhere.

When you are doing the shopping at your local supermarket choose fair-trade products and ask the manager why there are not more available.

This is a very simple way of bringing about change that will have minimal impact on our lives but could dramatically improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers on the planet's coffee plantations.

Do nothing or DO SOMETHING. The choice is yours !!!

Declan Garry

Founder, Arabica coffee company